Another cloud infrastructure blog!

Good evening everyone!

I've decided to start blogging again (I blogged a good few years ago). I'll be posting, most likely infrequently so apologies in advance!

I intend to post articles on new tech and tools I'm tinkering with, any cool or interesting work I have done and some how-to articles.

Firstly, a bit about me.

I’m a Google Cloud certified Platform Engineer and a Google authorized trainer at Appsbroker, Google’s largest Premier Partner in Europe.

Providing infrastructure expertise via design and deployment on very interesting projects. Designing and building automated processes to ensure consistent, repeatable deployments of cloud infrastructure.

Prior to my current role, I was a site reliability engineer at another cloud consultancy and before that, I was a Linux infrastructure sysadmin at a startup. This is where I first got into using DevOps tools, and cloud technology and generally really started getting into and enjoying automation.

I'm genuinely passionate about all things IT enterprise infrastructure, DevOps, automation, learning, developing and most recently delivering training.

My recent found status as a GCP trainer has sparked this blog and my wanting to write about tech, DevOps, GCP etc.